When Faith Sustains

Many of us in Finishing Touch know and love K. She has the biggest heart and loves her family dearly. So much so, that many years ago she adopted her special needs grandson. There have been many challenges through the years, but her faith has definitely sustained her. Recently the challenges have escalated and her grandson’s living situation needed to change.

K was desperate, disappointed and physically and emotionally exhausted. We are grateful that we got to show the hope and love of Jesus to K and her grandson by helping with what seemed to be an insurmountable task - setting up his new apartment. We were able to supplement some of their furnishings with some wonderful items from our storage and the end result was nothing short of AMAZING! Down to a gaming chair that was recently donated. The perfect “finishing touch” for this game playing young man.

K reports that he is happy in his new place and that, of course, eased K’s worries and anxieties about his transition. We will continue to pray for this family, and all families who struggle with mental health issues. Those who struggle AND their families and caregivers, need our support, encouragement, and prayers!

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