A Special Christmas Blessing

Tidings of comfort and joy - big time JOY - is what this special Christmastime Blessing Day was all about! Living in a leaky home consumed with mold, comfort was something that B had not known for a very long time. But when you get to know B, you’ll see that she was not short on joy in the midst of hardship. She trusted that God would provide... and he did. When her sweet compassionate neighbors, Mickey and Schelley Tucker, learned of her situation, they got the ball rolling enlisting help with home repairs including a new roof, sheet rock, paint and flooring. But she still needed furnishings and this is where we stepped in. All of our Blessing Days are special but this one was extra special because we got to see the love of God at work through so many people.

Prior to each Blessing Day we go to meet our clients and get an idea of what they hope to see in their home. Then we “shop” our storage to look for things to bless them with. God has such a wonderful way of winking at us by leading our choices! When one of our members brought along a teddy bear that says “Jesus Loves You” on it, she had no idea that B loves teddy bears. As she walked through her newly furnished home and was overwhelmed by not only receiving what she needed but also things that she loves, B repeatedly exclaimed,”You did it!”, “You really listened!” and “How did you know?”-The truth is, we often don’t know, but God does.

Blessing Days are typically not without complications due to missing/hard to assemble furniture parts. So we are extremely thankful for the help of men like John Thompson, who fixed a faulty bed frame for us and Roy Thomas and Brett Frazier who came along to lend their muscle and make our day go more smoothly.

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