Help change a family’s life. Give them the gift of home.

Many people are trying to get back on their feet. Life’s been hard, and they find themselves with nothing. Finally, they secure a place to live, but it’s an empty shell. That’s where we step in to help. In cooperation with community donors, business partners, and generous supporters, we make their house a home. And it changes their lives forever.
Will you join us?

A video can leave a lasting emotional Impression far beyond what words can say

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To God be the Glory

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Finishing Touch for 2021

Become a Friend of Finishing Touch by making a financial donation to help us serve more familes.  Choose your support level and donate.  

Donated interiors designed to make a difference

We've made it our mission to transform the homes of families who need our help. Because we believe that real community building starts when serving one another becomes second nature.

Our Process

Local families, real need

We keep our network close, verifying the needs of each family we serve.

Easy donation scheduling

Schedule a pick-up during one of our regular quarterly donation collection dates, OR arrange to drop off your donation at our storage facility.
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See the results in action

Get exclusive updates on the stories of life-changing transformation.
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As a volunteer-run nonprofit, we rely on your continued support. Our donation page lists the items we need most. If you choose to support us financially, your gift will fund the costs to move, store and transport donated items to the families who need them.
Get InvolvedWho We Are
A small group with big dreams

Back in 2016, we were just a small group of sisters in Christ who met up for a monthly game of Bunco. That was until we struck on an idea. What if we took our talent and passion for interior decoration and used it to serve our community?

We've grown quite a bit since then, but some things haven't changed. Like our decision to only work with families we meet and know, or our commitment to only accepting donations of quality items in good condition.

That's because we find divine purpose in what we do. To settle for another way would be to compromise our most deeply-held beliefs. If you long as we do for a world where loving your neighbor as yourself is the norm, you share our calling.

We hope you'll join us.

Why Choose Us

New purpose for old furnishings
We believe nice things shouldn't go to waste. That's why we only accept quality, gently-used items. And we only work with families after getting to know their needs firsthand.
Make a difference that lasts
While other organizations make a profit off of your donations, we’re a 100% volunteer-run nonprofit. Our efforts are completely funded and furnished by supporters like you.
Community-building starts here
Your support helps us provide spaces where families can thrive. Together, we're building a network of support and fellowship for our Houston-area neighbors in need.
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Every family deserves a chance to feel at home